New Bluetooth Mesh Driver

Bluetooth® technology, the global standard for simple, secure wireless connectivity, now supports mesh networking. The new mesh capability enables many-to-many (m:m) device communications and is optimized for creating large-scale device networks. It is ideally suited for building automation, sensor networks, and other IoT solutions where tens, hundreds, or thousands of devices need to reliably and securely communicate with one another.

In the past 10 years the lighting industry completely switched over to LED light sources. The next revolution in lighting is to make the luminars smart. By smart we do not only mean to make them controllable from all over the world and via any device but also to make them interact with their environment.

Until now lights were only there to provide light. It’s however clear that luminaires are ideal sensor devices because they are abundantly present in every building. Older protocols such as proprietary mesh systems, DALI, Zigbee Light Link, Z-Wave, … are not capable of effective sensor information gathering. Bluetooth 5 Mesh however is the first standard which enables light systems to become the heart of any smart building system.


  • Programmable Features
    • Current: 100% to 50% in each voltage range
    • Output voltage range selection
    • Data log read: SKU, S/N, lot code, hours of operation, FW rev., fault events: power failure, transients (short or surge), thermal events
  • Wireless/Wired Communication
    • Bi-directional (dimming up and down and data log read)
    •  Available communication protocols:
      •  Wireless: Bluetooth Mesh and ZigBee with fixed antenna and with removable external antenna
      •  Wired: DALI, DMX
    •  Other IEEE802.15.4 protocols available upon request
  • Non-linear 0-10V dimming profile with dim-to-off (10V to 9.1V=100%, 1.5V to 0.6V=1%, <0.6V=dim-to-off)
  • Auxiliary output 12 V/100 mA
  • Dual output voltage range
  • IP66-rated case with silicone-based potting
  • Surge protection:
    •  Combination wave IEC61000-4-5: 4 kV line to line/4 kV line to earth (higher surge available upon request)
    •  2.5 kV ring wave: ANSI/IEEE c62.41.1-2002 & c62.41.2-2002 category A
  • 90°C maximum case hot spot temperature
  • Complies with ENERGY STAR® luminaire specification and DLC (Design Light Consortium®) technical requirements

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